A rally in support of Ukraine was held in Yerevan

Before the premiere of the performance, the whole, from young to old, the Boyajyan family was seized not even with excitement, but with genuine awe. “Children want to receive warmth and care. Knowing that you are taken care of is extremely important for every person, and, in my opinion, they feel and experience this care with all their hearts, ”Vardan wrote after the performance in his next letter to Lyudmila. A separate story is devoted to their correspondence below, and we will not be ahead of events. Five months later, the little artists showed another biblical story on the stage of the school — «The Meeting of the Lord.» And he wrote it, and put it again by Byuzand.

Alexey Dzhivelegov attended the premiere of this performance. He was on his way to Kislovodsk to treat his early failing health and stopped by on his way to a friend. Aleksey Karpovich presented Vardan with his newly published first book “Armenians in Russia”, where he analyzed the main trends in Armenian-Russian relations, characterized the national policy of the Russian Empire in the Caucasus and raised the question of the future structure of Transcaucasia. A hundred years ago, he could not have imagined that the three main Transcaucasian nations would secede from Russia and proclaim independent states. However, already in 1906, his project for the reorganization of Transcaucasia demanded broad autonomy for the peoples of the empire. In the list of used literature, Vardan found a reference to his confiscated monograph.

He wholeheartedly rejoiced at the arrival of a friend — after all, far from the capital, Vardan experienced loneliness and isolation from the rapidly developing events. Here, in the provinces, people hardly felt the changes that the revolution brought with it. Aleksey Karpovich reassured him, shared his views on revolutionary changes, and at the end said: