Agnes Khamoyan

From the fragmentary phrases that they exchanged from time to time, Vardan came to the conclusion that Lyudmila Vladimirovna had carefully read the letter and understood it correctly. It only remained to bring the final clarity and put all the dots over the i. A frank conversation took place on the Feodosia beach, where guests and hosts, as always, arrived in a noisy company. Quickly dressing the children, Lyudmila grabbed their hands and they ran to the water.

She always liked to walk barefoot on the sand, pleasantly feeling its warmth, and sometimes unbearable heat. Now that she was a grown woman, it seemed to her that it was indecent to walk barefoot, even on the beach, even accompanied by young children. When you grow up, something changes. The former ease, inner freedom is lost. Dreams are fading and disappearing… At the very edge of the shore, Lyudmila took little Olenka in her arms, somehow suddenly, for no reason, stopped and looked at the surging sea.