I am a student, so I do not have much free time. But when I have enough time I often watch TV. You may see and hear a lot of interesting information, while watching TV. I like nature, sport and fashion, so I usually watch TV programmes, which are connected with my hobbies. But most of all I like nature. That is why my favourite TV programme is «In the World of Animals». It is a weekly programme. As I watch it not often, I wait for it impatiently.

It usually starts with amazing facts from the world of nature. So I feel interested from the very beginning. Most of all I like to learn something new about the sea inhabitants — different kinds of fish, whales, dolphins, etc. I like dolphins. I may watch them for hours. I have learned a lot about them from the programme «In the World of Animals». They are very smart. That’s why these creatures may help people in different spheres оf life. They may also bring a lot of fun with their tricks, especially to children.

I do not like game shows, where people play games or answer questions in order to win money or prizes. But I like to answer questions about animals in my favourite TV programme «In the World of Animals». I have already won several times! I am glad there is such a programme that brings me a lot of fun and interesting information.