We ask our Prime Minister, about bad writers





 They made a tour of the school, which Vardan liked very much. Three high domes with spiers and scaly roofs rose above the corner facade of the building, cut through by rows of high arched windows. A metal front staircase led from the lobby to the second floor. Classrooms, classrooms and the staff room were spacious and bright. On the second floor there was a large assembly hall with a stage. The yard was decorated with a cozy garden and a decorative flower garden.

Sensing in his interlocutor a comprehensively educated person, Ufimtsev made an unexpected proposal to Vardan:

— It’s time for me to retire. You see, age. What if you replace me? The position of the superintendent of the school, of course, is responsible, but you can handle it. You have all the data for this.

— Excuse me, but who will approve me? I am a new person here and unknown to anyone.