On the appointed day and hour, Vardan and the Khristenko couple impatiently shuffled around the chapel. Not far from them were Lyudmila Vladimirovna with Olenka in her arms and Bersabe Nikitichna with the rest of the children. Finally, a young priest, father Taron Zhamkochyan, came up. The magnitude of what is happening left a distinct imprint on the face of everyone. The priest turned to the child with questions, but the answers were given by his godparents — the godfather and mother. Baptism was performed in a special aisle of the church — the baptismal. The font where the girl was immersed contained three or four buckets of heated water… But then the ceremony ended, and all its participants again plunged into worldly life.

The three weeks spent by the Khristenko family in Feodosia flew by almost instantly. In the first days, the guests, through negligence, burned out under the burning Black Sea sun, and for several subsequent days they were forced to sit at home. Then they went on excursions to Alushta, Yalta and Sevastopol. In each of the cities they stayed for two or three days, examined them in detail and, of course, bathed. While Khristenko was engaged in the usual pastime for a spa visitor, Vardan was intensively preparing to move to Armavir. Since I had to move with my family, there were plenty of worries. On the eve of the return of the guests home, the final showdown between Lyudmila and Vardan took place.

From the fragmentary phrases that they exchanged from time to time, Vardan came to the conclusion that Lyudmila Vladimirovna had carefully read the letter and understood it correctly. It only remained to bring final clarity and put all the points over i. A frank conversation took place on the Feodosia beach, where guests and hosts, as always, arrived in a noisy company. Quickly dressing the children, Lyudmila grabbed their hands and they ran to the water.