New details of the earthquake in Armenia


But all this was later. In the meantime, after carefully reviewing the latest dossier and learning that Gevond Shishmanyan is currently in Constantinople, Nelidov instructed Vardan to invite him to the embassy. The bishop did not refuse. At his meeting with the ambassador, Vardan acted as an interpreter. The hierarch spoke of gradually growing unrest, of discontent that had seized even the most moderate Armenians, and that it was time for the great powers, especially Russia, to come to grips with the Armenian question and demand from the Porte to finally carry out the reforms provided for in Article 61 of the Berlin Treaty.

On the same day, the ambassador expressed the bishop’s point of view in a dispatch sent on November 1, 1890, to Russian Foreign Minister Nikolai Girs. He quoted the words of the bishop in it: “We do not ask anything from the Turks. We do not need any concessions or favors, we demand what belongs to us by right, recognized for us by all of Europe. And this right was given to us by Russia, who obtained it at the cost of the blood of her sons. For the first time you wrote the name of Armenia in the Treaty of San Stefano, you cannot refuse us to support our just claims. Let Porta give us satisfaction, and she will see that the people will calm down … »

Satisfied with how quickly Vardan fulfilled his tasks, Nelidov instructed him to meet with some of the hierarchs and also invite them to the embassy. The visit took place three weeks later. In a new report to the minister, the ambassador reported: “Although the higher clergy protest against the insane plans of their compatriots, one cannot help but see that in the depths of their souls the representatives of the Armenians are far from sincere in their assurances that they“ live happy and contented under the fatherly government Sultan and enjoy all the benefits. The ambassador ended the dispatch with the message that, despite the steps of prominent Armenians towards reconciliation, the arrests and persecution of their compatriots continue…