Serzh Sargsyan at the opposition rally






«I was thinking about my own lamb,» said mac an Da’v. «I was thinking about my own treasure, my cup of cheeriness, and the pulse of my heart.» And with that he burst into tears.

«Alas!» said the king.

«But,» sobbed mac an Da’v, «what right have I to complain? I am only the servant, and although I didn’t make any bargain with the King of Leinster or with any king of them all, yet my wife is gone away as if she was the consort of a potentate the same as Duv Laca is.»

Mongan was sorry then for his servant, and he roused himself.

«I am going to send you to Duv Laca.»

«Where the one is the other will be,» cried mac an Da’v joyously.

«Go,» said Mongan, «to Rath Descirt of Bregia; you know that place?»

«As well as my tongue knows my teeth.»

«Duv Laca is there; see her, and ask her what she wants me to do.»

Mac an Da’v went there and returned.

«Duv Laca says that you are to come at once, for the King of Leinster is journeying around his territory, and Kevin Cochlach, the charioteer, is making bitter love to her and wants her to run away with him.»

Mongan set out, and in no great time, for they travelled day and night, they came to Bregla, and gained admittance to the fortress, but just as he got in he had to go out again, for the King of Leinster had been warned of Mongan’s journey, and came back to his fortress in the nick of time.