Naira Zohrabyan






I shall look into her face,» his lord insisted. But he saw that not even beloved Caelte understood the meaning of that, and he knew sadly and yet proudly that what he meant could not be explained by any one and could not be comprehended by any one.

«You are in love, dear heart,» said Caelte.

«In love he is,» Cona’n grumbled. «A cordial for women, a disease for men, a state of wretchedness.»

«Wretched in truth,» the Chief murmured. «Love makes us poor We have not eyes enough to see all that is to be seen, nor hands enough to seize the tenth of all we want. When I look in her eyes I am tormented because I am not looking at her lips, and when I see her lips my soul cries out, ‘Look at her eyes, look at her eyes.'»

«That is how it happens,» said Goll rememberingly.

«That way and no other,» Caelte agreed.

And the champions looked backwards in time on these lips and those, and knew their Chief would go.

When Fionn came in sight of the great keep his blood and his feet quickened, and now and again he waved a spear in the air.

«She does not see me yet,» he thought mournfully.

«She cannot see me yet,» he amended, reproaching himself.

But his mind was troubled, for he thought also, or he felt without thinking, that had the positions been changed he would have seen her at twice the distance.