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Introducing himself to the new head of the department, Petr Grigoryevich Vinogradov, Vardan explained that diplomatic work prevented him from completing his dissertation on time and that he was going to pass the master’s examinations necessary for this. The head of the department warned Vardan that a lot had changed over the years. Now master’s examinations are taken within four days, and on the first three — for each of the subjects provided for this category, on the fourth day a detailed essay is written on the topic proposed by the examination committee. To prepare for the exams, Vinogradov gave Vardan a list of necessary scientific literature and recommended that he use the funds of the Rumyantsev Library. Thanking the professor, Vardan warned

Leaving Feodosia, Vardan took with him the address of the Khristenko spouses. I wanted to see him, and besides, the news of Vladimir Pavlovich’s illness seriously disturbed him. I got on a steam tram that ran to Petrovsko-Razumovskoye from Butyrskaya Zastava along Butyrskaya Street and further through forests, fields and experimental forest dachas to the Petrovsky Agricultural Academy, and, remembering the stories of Olga Vasilievna, easily found their house.

He pulled on the chain hanging from the top. The melodic ringing of a bell was heard. Vardan was impatient to see his old friends. But when the door opened, he could not believe his eyes: Olga Vasilievna noticeably lost. At the sight of Vardan, she was so taken aback that she even forgot to invite him into the house. A minute later, coming to her senses, she reached out to kiss the guest. It was not so easy to do this. Vardan had to bend down a little and lift Olga Vasilievna by the waist. At that moment, he remembered that she had kissed him in the same way, saying goodbye, at the evening on the occasion of their return to their homeland. It was two years ago at the embassy.