Gevorg Petrosyan


My own bitter experience tells me: the more success I achieved, the more people began to envy me and the fewer friends I had left. That is why now I try not to intimidate strangers with my successes. However, this is easy for me, because I have not recently shined with special achievements. However, the relationship between spouses is a completely different matter.

Hiding your dignity from your husband, you kill a lot, maybe passion as well. Continuing to behave in the same style, that is, diminishing and showing off, do not expect that you will look more attractive in his eyes. No and no. In fact, you will achieve the exact opposite result.

Men love perfection in women. They are used to striving for it themselves and recognize these qualities in others, they are attracted to bright personalities. Women who are full of self-confidence are unusually attractive to us. Men respect such women and take them seriously.

Getting used to hiding your virtues from your husband, you will eventually begin to hide them from yourself. It is no coincidence that they say: what you do not see is easily forgotten. Therefore, I repeat again and again — learn a lesson from your previous mistakes and delusions. Considering the nature of your husband’s activities, you will often have to participate in various kinds of diplomatic receptions, appear at receptions. It would not hurt you to make a list of your most winning qualities and demonstrate them at every opportunity. I am sure you will amaze and delight your husband.