Anna Hakobyan





I am a student, that’s why I should read a lot of books. I like reading. Literature means a lot in my life. It helps me to understand other people better. I often analyze the characters of the books and it helps me to understand the world and myself. I read books by different authors: Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English.

My favourite Russian writer is Darya Dontsova. She is a popular Russian writer of modern prose. The works of this author are smart and really interesting. According to her own words, her novels are based on real facts. That arouses the reader’s interest and provokes their own analysis of the events. When I got acquainted with her books, I was really impressed by her wit and humor. The main characters often find themselves in a difficult situation, but they do not give up and try to find the way out. Some of the characters of her books are mean and jealous. Some of them are deeply feeling, faithful and tender.

When I read books by my favourite author, Darya Dontsova, I have a feeling that I may meet her characters even in my native town. I always try to watch an interview on TV with Darya Dontsova. She has a happy family that supports her in her work and in difficult situations. She has a strong character, and she is optimistic. Her brain works as a good computer and she knows how to derive benefit from it. I always recommend my friends to read her books.