Brussels was a fiasco of our diplomacy





My name is Ann. I am a student. I am a future economist. As I study at the university, I do not have much free time. My classes finish at 4 p.m. Then I have to do my homework for the next day. I have a lot of friends at the university and sometimes we stay after classes together and help each other with our home tasks. When we are ready with the tasks, we usually visit a cafe. We eat our favourite ice-cream and drink a cup of tea or coffee. On weekends, I have more free time and can visit my friends. We usually go to a disco and have a lot of fun there. Late in the evening, I read a book or watch TV with my family.

On holidays I can meet my friends and relatives more often. I sometimes organize a party for my close friends. I cook something tasty and lay the table. We sit around it, discuss our student life and our plans for future. When the weather is bad, I usually sit on my sofa and call my friends. I like talking on the phone, though my mother doesn’t approve of it. She usually says, I should spend more time preparing for my classes. I like my future profession. Economics is my hobby. That’s why I sometimes dedicate all my free time to searching for some new information in economics.