Erdogan is leaving







There is a photo from my family album. This is one of the latest photos. My whole family is in it. There are four of us. My parents are in the centre. To begin with, I am going to talk about my father. He is neither old nor young and works as a businessman at the office. He is a handsome man with dark hair just beginning to go grey. As he is a bread-maker in the family, he often works overtime. He is sociable, sincere and reliable. I can rely on him in any situation.

My mother is a few years younger than my father. She looks slim and pretty in the photo, so she is in life. She is an elegant and an intelligent woman. She loves my father and the whole family. She does a lot for us. Shopping and cooking for the family are among her every-day chores. She is a university teacher and is re­spected both by her students and colleagues. I must admit, she is a very understand­ing person and often is the first to give a helping hand in a difficult situation.

In front of my parents sits my grandmother, my mother’s mother. I do not have other grandparents. She is retired now. To tell you the truth, I do not feel the generation gap between us. She would listen to my endless stories about my friends and my university life. I do not always follow her advice, but I should say, my granny is a wise person and an easy-going one. They say, I look similar to her. Maybe, that’s why I’m sitting near her. Here 4 of us are happy and smiling.