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The works of Rosanna Hardin Hill are masterful depictions of ruins in Pompeii, lush gardens in Venice, villas in Florence, classical, romantic, historical scenes for sure. But there is another intriguing work that is not quite as obvious as oil paintings — the story behind the artist herself

How Hardin Hill became one of Indianapolis’ (Indiana) most recognized contemporary artists started with an assignment she received while working as a lifestyle reporter years ago. The assignment was to make a report on the lives of students studying at the Heron School of Art.

«The reminded me of how artists live in Paris. It was a very bohemian lifestyle», recalls Hardin Hill.

The dean of the school took notice of Hardin Hill’s skills at writing and her keen interest in the arts. He offered her a position in public relations with the bonus of taking classes free of charge. Hardin Hill, who was 30 at the time, took the bait. However, once she graduated with an arts degree, Hardin Hill still didn’t see the possibilities of making a living in the arts. So, she decided to take a job with a newspaper in Santa Fe, NM.

Eventually, the lure of the arts was too much. Hardin Hill decided to «do just arts». She taught a beginning art class and sold her art works Hill supplemented her income with odd jobs, when she returned to New Mexico.