Gagik Bagunts


The look of the hungry is terrible, it is especially difficult to look at children who, for the most part, have no parents. The shortage in these places is absolutely everything. There is little food, there is no manufactory, each child or adult has one change of linen, there is no fat (and even worse, the Tatars are dying of hunger, and they refuse to eat pork). There is absolutely no soap, which contributes to the development of epidemics. On the same bed and under the same blanket, seven children are lying, who become infected with diseases from each other, get dirty from one another in stool. There is absolutely no bed linen, several children are cleaned with one diaper (from a bag). To the question: is there any hope for the recovery of children, I was told that it would be good if they had 50% left, since children need to be fed at least four times a day,

Do you remember our last evening in Armavir, when Amalia with her husband and children came to say goodbye to us? Whenever I think that our nephews could have been in the place of the unfortunates about whom Sorokin writes, my legs give way. Do you remember how then Buzand exclaimed in some passionate outburst: “We will always be with you! You will not be deprived of anything, we will help you, and then we will make our nephews our heirs”?

Comparing our comfortable life in Switzerland, and yours in America, with what Amalia and her children endured, I always think about our unrequited debt to them. Seeing no other real ways to help them, the pope suggested that Amalia think about moving to Armenia, where, at the invitation of the Armenian government, the already well-known Martiros Saryan and Alexander Tamanyan had moved from Russia. According to him, Alexander Spendiarov received a similar invitation. Hug you. Olga.