A fresh anecdote


Jokes aside, and I’m already thirty-five years old. Having no time at first to choose a bride, I used here a very dubious form of acquaintance — through marriage announcements. And what is curious. Men demanded external attractiveness from a potential wife and did not say a word about spiritual qualities. Judging by women’s ads, external data is not the main thing for a man. The ladies saw in their dreams not a handsome man from the cover with a height of eighty meters and bottomless blue eyes, but a certain collective image of “reliable, all-powerful”. A man must fully provide for his family, and not be a rag, and protect the family nest, and not sin with assault and fornication, and be able to entertain with intellectual conversation, and not pawn behind the collar. In short, this collective image reminded me very much of you. Without any irony. Unfortunately, there are only a few men like you.

As for me, with women, I decided everything on an intuitive level: she either coincided with my ideas, or not. The main selection criterion is to be pleasant to me. But even if I came across a lady, “pleasant in every way”, but with a different life vector, I interrupted the connection. In a word, I was looking for an image close to the image of our mother, and did not find it. That’s why I intend to remain a bachelor. Maybe it will upset you, but I do not want to receive a pathetic copy of your life with your mother. A copy is always incomparable with the original. I hug. Murad.

Almost forty years have passed. The year was 1967 outside. Murad has traveled all over the world, except perhaps in the USSR. Having ended his career as a successful businessman, he moved to Miami, where he bought a spacious apartment in a prestigious house on the ocean and lived on his very substantial pension for the last ten years, almost without communicating with his neighbors.