People gather in Freedom Square


As for the ten-day stay at Greta’s house and the same one at Rudolf’s and getting to know their families, these twenty amazing days inspired very sad thoughts on the guests. They realized that Vardan’s good intentions were only partially justified: after the spirit of Natalya left him, some kind of evil fate began to pursue the heirs of his family. He left Murad a bachelor, made Buzand childless, stricken Vardan himself, his daughter, and grandson, and the wife of another grandson with cancer, and, finally, plunged his great-grandson into a fatal plane crash.

It is interesting to get acquainted with the impressions made on the son of Fadey by three weeks of communication with relatives who grew up in completely different, different from the «soviet» conditions. It is also interesting to compare these impressions with the Yerevan impressions of Greta and Rudolf.

Greta met her cousin’s son at the Zurich airport. To the town in which she lived and where she and her husband had a family factory (later the husband handed over the reins of government to his son), they traveled by train. All the way Greta asked about the situation in Armenia; he and his brother could not forget the rally passions that seized Yerevan, and warmly recalled their stay there. She tried to find out what the contents of the large boxes that the guests took out of the cabin as hand luggage. Her curiosity was satisfied at the evening dinner, when Rudolph arrived to collect the guests. It turned out that the brother and sister had previously agreed that the guests would spend the first half of their stay in Switzerland with Rudolf in Bern, and the second half with Greta.