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Let’s be honest, there are times when you want to know how to make friends.Here are some steps and tips to help you overcome these obstacles.

Spend more time around people. Don’t be mean; you do not want to losefriends. If you want to make friends, you first need to put yourself out theresomehow in order to meet people. If you’re still in school, sit somewhere withother people. It doesn’t have to be the «popular» table, or a crowded one, but onewith at least two other people. The popular kids won’t matter when you’re older,but a true friend will be there for you forever. Remember, friends seldom comeknocking on your door while you sit at home playing computer games. Popularsaren’t always going to be mean to you. They just need to know you a little better.

Join an organization or club with people who have common interests. Youdon’t necessarily need to have a lot of common interests with people in order tomake friends with them. In fact, some of the most rewarding friendships arebetween two people who don’t have much in common at all, but if you like aspecific topic, try searching for just a location. It’s a great way to meet new localpeople! Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are greatway to meet new people and learn more about the people you meet. When you arechatting just say are you on Facebook? or what is your name on Twitter? A church,Masjid (mosque) or other house of worship is a great place to start since you haveat least a religious faith in common. Just remember to be safe on the internet, youdon’t know who is actually on the other end most of the time