Edmon Marukyan


Further, Levon Eyramdzhyants analyzes many historical documents, events and facts. Here, for example, is an excerpt that is directly related to my hero. It turns out that “in 1925, the Ambassador of the RSFSR in the High Port Vinogradov, in an official note, demanded the denunciation of the Russian-Turkish Treaty of 1921, accompanying “behavior so unconventional in international practice” with statements about Russia’s readiness to implement it unilaterally. At the same time, according to Turkish (! ) to the source, Ambassador Vinogradov, in an oral conversation at the Foreign Ministry, explains: “We cannot wait 25 years and signed the RTD because then we were weak.” And now “we are strong and demand the restoration of the borders of Armenia.” To which one of the most famous statesmen of Turkey of that time, Ismet İnönü, immediately reacted:

Other passages confirming the correctness of Eyramjyants’ logical premises are omitted by the author. It is enough that the cited publication produced the effect of an exploding bomb, at least on the author and his friends. Literally the next day, this essay could be found on the Internet. The sensational information reported by Eyramdzhyants, as it seems, if they are properly “promoted”, could be of crucial importance for the final and fair solution of the Armenian issue. For readers who are interested in the work of Eyramdzhyants, we will inform you of its e-mail address: http: //www. armtown. com/news/ru/gol/20060523/200605…

If my hero had become aware that there are “secret protocols” of explosive power, then he would have given the rest of his life to the cause to which he devoted all his creative, scientific, pedagogical and diplomatic work, in this case he would have made a contribution to the declassification of secret documents. But these are assumptions. In fact, Vardan was sincerely grateful to his former colleagues for the fact that he was not forgotten and attracted to serious work.