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The farewell dinner hosted by Greta in a fashionable restaurant on the eve of the return of guests to their homeland, the author considers the crown of her hospitality and generosity. At the table, in addition to the guests and Greta and her husband, their daughter was present with her boyfriend. Greta said that she and her husband would provide financial assistance to the son of their guests, who wants to study in the United States, but on one condition: upon graduation, he must return to Armenia. Well, in conclusion, having stunned the residents of Yerevan, and the Swiss too, Greta suddenly apologized and stated that on Sundays she and her friends play poker, and therefore she was forced to leave her dear guests …

A new meeting of Greta with an already well-known relative took place in February 1993, when he again visited Geneva, this time on official business. Having been at the request of his father in the salon of Diana and met her new husband, he called Greta and expressed a desire to visit the grave of Rudolph, who had died a year before. Greta invited him to her place and promised to pay the travel expenses. Over afternoon tea, after listening to terrible stories about the first hungry, cold and dark winter experienced by Armenia, she condemned the mass exodus of the population from the country. “I am proud of our government,” she said. “By preventing immigration in every possible way, it is absolutely right.” It seems that she was frightened by the influx of numerous Yerevan relatives.

In the autumn of the same year, a great-nephew warned Greta in advance about his next visit to Geneva. She pleaded insane employment and avoided the meeting. Greta also knew about all his subsequent visits, but she did not lift a finger to meet again. He annually visited Geneva on official business, however, in turn, did not take steps to see the only surviving granddaughter of Vardan Boyajyan.