square of France


On Saturday, after a tour and a visit to the vernissage, as they call the art market in Yerevan, where the authors sell their paintings and various crafts, the guests finally visited the eldest son Fadey. Having learned about their intention to fly to Moscow, the nephew not only received permission from the leadership of the Armenian branch of Intourist (of course, on the condition that Greta and Rudolph would certainly join their group later), but also bought them air tickets to Moscow. He did not want to hear about taking money for them. On Monday morning, when the guests were seen off at the airport, Greta and Rudolf invited their nephew and his wife to visit Switzerland next June.

The invitation came at the end of October. A letter was attached to it. Since the opinion of the Swiss about our then reality is of some interest, the author decided to reproduce the letter in full:

Dear our relatives! We are still under the impression of unforgettable days spent in Armenia. What we saw with our own eyes cannot be compared with the information about your country that we had before our arrival. It is difficult to even call it erroneous, it is so far from reality. We got to know your families, which differ quantitatively from each other, but are strikingly similar in their hospitality, sincere desire to be as useful as possible to guests. During these days, we have tasted a variety of Armenian dishes, felt the unique taste of Armenian fruits, visited the marvelous corners of Armenia, which are not inferior in beauty to our Switzerland — we say this without being cunning.

Our nephews and their children made a special impression on us. What educated, well-read and cultured sons you have. We communicated with them in English, and in French, and in Russian. And what pride we felt for our ancient people, for their cultural heritage! It seems to us that you yourself do not realize what a beautiful country you live in.