Ariana Hovsepyan


“Nooo…” Amalia snuggled closer to her brother. We don’t need your money, we need you!

All of his colleagues came to the station to see Vardan and his children off. Alexander Mikhailovich Yegoryan was especially excited. He brought a box of food into the compartment, where, among other things, he packed several cans of jam, which his economic wife had prepared since autumn. In the compartment he found Arkady with his sons. Children are children, curiosity is stronger than them, they looked with all their eyes at what the car looks like from the inside. And that their relatives would leave in it, they did not seem to understand this. But suddenly Fadey turned sharply to his father.

“Daddy,” he asked, and the child’s voice trailed off, “tell me… is mom telling the truth?” Will we see Grandpa again? Never ever?

Arkady sighed heavily. To answer as it is … very difficult. Finally he squeezed out:

— I’m afraid so. The truth. At least we won’t see each other for a long time. But I hope… someday we’ll meet again, son.