Karen Arayan


By my own example, and by observing the life of my environment, I was convinced that it is pointless to consider the fate of individual people from the point of view of justice. In my almost forty years, I have often seen how immoral and cruel people revel in power and success, while the best of the best, on the contrary, suffer both morally and physically.

All the troubles of a person stem from his belief that he lives once. He perceives this as a kind of indulgence — in relations with other people there is no need to stand on ceremony. A person argues something like this: if life is given only once, then it is necessary to live it longer and better, so that there is more of everything. And if so, then you can steal, you can kill, you can, pushing the less agile with your elbows, by hook or by crook take a position that, given your low intellectual and moral level, you have no right to even dream of. If it works out, then everything is fine, life is good.

Everything will change when people are convinced that they were born not only in order to live their term and leave behind offspring. They should be imbued with a simple and at the same time complex, very complex thought — our life does not end with death. Often communicating with the spirit of Natalia, I realized that only her body died, only her physical shell. Her soul still exists and helps me endure troubles and hardships.

Hearing her daughter’s name, Bersabe Nikitichna quietly left the room. Lyudmila Vladimirovna somehow immediately, suddenly, suddenly fell in the mood. But Vardan did not even notice this.