Naira Zohrabyan





Cinema is an integral part of the social life of people. The movie combines not only stunts, special effects and scenery, but also the genuine art. Many people go to the cinemas in their free time. The movie hasn’t become less popular over the last few years, on the contrary – now it is increasing its popularity. Over recent years people turned old age and middle age have also become interested in the film industry. Although there is no doubt that the number of young people still prevails in cinemas.

Because of the fact that technical possibilities are growing every year, visits to cinemas are under threat. Nowadays you can watch any movie at home, hire any film or watch it online via the Internet. However, the cinemas are not behind the times too. 3D cinema halls are appearing and many other modern things like that.

As for me, I will never refuse to go to the movies with my friends extra time. Even if I had my own cinema, I would still never reject the proposal. First of all, due to the fact that any visit to the movies is a great chance to talk with friends and have fun.

The most attractive genres for me are comedy, horror movies and fiction. I like foreign movies with fast-moving plot. I’m not thrilled with soap operas and TV series.