Lily Morto


Instead of answering, she kissed him on the lips. Arkady picked her up in his arms and, without breaking the kiss, put Amalia on her clothes…

They lay without moving. The dead of night sheltered them from prying eyes. The moon, divinely beautiful that night, dimly illuminated the barely tangible waves. Jumping to her feet, Amalia again carried Arcady into the sea. But now they were much closer to each other.

In the morning, having barely had breakfast, they went to the cemetery. Amalia cried at the graves of her mother and grandmother, again went over her childhood memories. Mom, mom, she thought, I was only eight, I already forget your features …

It is impossible to visit Feodosia and not go to the Aivazovsky house-museum. Especially if you are the great-niece of the widow of Ivan Konstantinovich. Anna Nikitichna had aged a lot, but she greeted the guests lively and cordially. She liked Arkady very much, it was clear that she was not pretending, and Amalia was very pleased with this. The old woman kissed the young on the forehead. “Long and happy marriage to you, children!” She wished with tears in her eyes.

The next day the young people went home.

Seeing the daughter’s face radiating happiness, Vardan immediately understood everything. And when Amalia spoke to him about the wedding, he said that he had already thought about everything and intended to invite the godmother from Switzerland and Dzhivelegov with his wife to the celebration. The wedding is scheduled for January. Amalia’s wedding dress was sewn by a dressmaker recommended by Zinaida Nikolaevna Yegoryan. During countless fittings, the bride fainted several times — she could not bear the pregnancy. Be that as it may, the dress of snow-white pleated chiffon on a golden silk sheath effectively hugged her almost plump figure. It was more difficult with the groom’s outfit: he did not have a tailcoat, he managed to get only a tuxedo, and it was noticeable that he was from someone else’s shoulder.