Levon Yeranosyan


The baby was just waiting for this — greedily clung to the nipple, smacked. Satisfied, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Amalia felt the sweet languor of satisfied maternal instinct.

Looking at this wonderful scene, the doctor and the nurse rejoiced at yet another human being, already claiming the right to life. Somewhere in their subconscious lived an unspoken pride: it, this creature, was born not without their help. The nanny took the baby to the nursery, and the doctor went into the waiting room. There, Arkady and the Boyadzhyan family were eagerly awaiting him. Congratulating his father and grandfather, the doctor admitted:

— The birth was difficult, protracted. I was about to do a caesarean section. Fortunately, it wasn’t needed.

Vardan involuntarily remembered the birth of Olga, cold sweat broke out on his face. The doctor noticed his condition and offered to sit out in his office. Seeing how happy Arkady was, Vardan was relieved:

Thanks for your input, doctor! This is nonsense, already gone.

Arkady really was in seventh heaven. Every day he came to visit Amalia, brought flowers and gifts. A week before the birth, he had a dream. Heat, a wide road, people languishing from the heat and no shade around — not a bush, not a tree. Suddenly, a huge sprawling oak tree grows in the middle of the inferno, its shadow saves travelers exhausted from the heat, words of gratitude sound from everywhere to the one who grew this tree. When he woke up, he immediately realized that they would have a boy. And so his premonition came true. Amalia gave him a long-awaited son.