Vardan listened to his daughter attentively, without interrupting. When the daughter was silent, he thought, and then quietly and evenly warned that about an hour ago he had communicated with the spirit of her mother, and everything he would tell her was not only his opinion.

— I envy you, my daughter. You are just starting to live. And life is a difficult school. As they say, to live life is not to cross a field. There are many joys in it, but no less thorns and worries. Of course, youth is the best time, love is the most beautiful of feelings, and young souls rush about in search of happiness and mutual love. Both appear not by the will and desire of a person, but unexpectedly, unexpectedly. Some fall in love many times, others, like me, once and for life. Nature endowed people with the ability to look for a companion so that a loving couple would give beautiful healthy offspring. This is the goal of every being on earth.

Initially, young people fall in love with a beautiful human being, then they prefer reason, intelligence, creativity and the gift of raising children. And sometimes they forget that it is precisely in these qualities that the main essence of family life lies. Tell me, please, what have you learned this evening about a man who is almost twice your age?

Vardan paused and smiled sadly, waiting for an answer. But Amalia herself was waiting to see how this strange pre-morning sermon would end