The father was demanding not only to the children, but above all to himself. He seemed to be even tougher on himself. Amalia saw the life he led. A life meticulously subject to a strict routine. For example, he always went to bed early, sometimes very early, but he also got up after dark. Only urgent work, forcing him to sit up at night, occasionally forced him to change this habit.

… Approaching the Boyadzhyans’ house in the evening, Arkady did not dare to knock for about five minutes. “You are a man, so come on bolder,” he told himself. “You love her and you must convince her father and all the others of this. And if you don’t convince, then it’s better not to come in … No, I’ll come in and talk … And in general — come what may.”

Arkady knocked on the door. Amalia opened it to him. She was in the same outfit as at the dance. And, just like that night, she looked amazing.

— Good evening darling! How do you feel?

— Thank you, Arkady, we are waiting for you. — Amalia was happy: Arkady was not afraid of an unpleasant test, Arkady accepted the challenge. — Will you come?