It was hard for Vardan to watch his daughter lock herself in her room and cry for days on end. But he plucked up courage, because everything that was said and done was for her own good. And the daughter… The daughter did not dare to disobey her father, but the crown of the magic tree extended its canopy over her. The invisible branches did not want to be separated, they were so intertwined and tangled that no one would have separated them. They, these branches, broke from rough attempts and caused genuine physical pain, but new shoots appeared in place of the broken ones and clung to each other with even greater force. And my father couldn’t resist. Seeing off his daughter on a second date, he allowed Amalia to invite Arkady to regular gatherings.

At the entrance to the park, she joyfully told the young man the news that was so important to her. And, fearing all kinds of misunderstandings and mutual misunderstandings, she decided to tell Arkady about her father in more detail. They sat down on the nearest bench in a secluded alley, and the girl began her story…

She spoke, among other things, about the system of education developed by her father together with her late mother and deeply endured by them. Amalia believed that this system influenced the formation of her personality in the most beneficial way. Her father, she said, sought to shape her way of thinking in such a way, to develop her feelings in such a way that in the future she would exclude the appearance of such character traits as fastidiousness, cowardice, timidity, arrogance, which, in turn, entail lack of will, indifference to life.