About the actions of the opposition


Late at night, after reading the last pages of the diary, Vardan fell into some kind of drowsy state. He again clearly saw and felt Natalya nearby, very close. He hugged her, said something and held her tightly, but she still imperceptibly and steadily moved away. She was taken by some force. This happens when you see off a loved one on a long journey and suddenly realize: he is about to leave, and you still need to talk with him about many, many things, tell him something important, urgent. And the locomotive is already steaming, there is no time left. You begin to stray, confuse words, thoughts resemble a ball. You shake hands, hug for the last time, and the person is already there, with his thoughts he is already on the road and does not perceive what you said. He says goodbye and jumps on the footboard of the carriage. You look after him and understand that from now on you will never say that much and important thing that you wanted, but did not have time to express. Or maybe you’ll never see him again.

A confusion of feelings swept over Vardan in his restless sleep. It seemed to him that Natalya was being carried away by mysterious forces: she had just been next to him, and now she was gone, evaporated, and he stood alone in the void and with an emptiness in his soul, full of hope and unspent love …

Early in the morning he looked into the room of Amalia, Murad and Byuzand. Olenka and the nurse were in the bedroom of Bersabe Nikitichna