Gegham Manukyan


He and she… In those days, in the depths of his consciousness, this single being whispered a prayer on his knees and, washed with happiness, illuminated everything around him. He longed to fall at the grave of Natalia, because her image pursued him everywhere. He saw her in every passenger who appeared on the deck of the ship. He tried to recognize her in every one, for the heart in any girl found one, two, many cherished features of a desired female face. But every time he saw a gray sea in front of him, and waves of pain, disappointment and loneliness swept over him. Not her, not her, not her…

He withdrew and felt abandoned and abandoned. And he mentally went further… He knew that the Lord always gives exactly what the human soul needs most at this moment. He knew he still had a long way to go and found his happiness in the happiness of his children. Find your love in their love. And he decided to submit to fate. The three and a half days he spent on the road completely turned his worldview upside down, which now, in short, boiled down to the following: “Human life is between two great secrets: the secret of our appearance and the secret of disappearance. Birth and death protect us from the horror of infinity.

Both are associated with brief physical suffering. It is just as difficult for a child during childbirth as for a mother, but the first pain is better than the last. A person meets death with a life already prepared for it, able to overcome physical pain. Therefore, despite all the diversity of individual attitudes towards death (“how many people, so many deaths”), there is also a popular view of it — calm and wise. It is believed that non-existence after death is the same as non-existence before birth, that earthly life is given to a person, as it were, as a reward and addition to something main, which was obscured from him by the two secrets mentioned above.