What museums do you have? They amaze with their richness and antiquity of exhibits. And that’s not all. How many more ethnographic masterpieces are kept by Armenians scattered all over the world. In our house alone there are three ancient Karabakh carpets.

It is a pity that we did not manage to visit the Yerevan Opera and Ballet Theatre. On the other hand, we witnessed a rally of 100,000 people on the square in front of this theatre. We had the speakers’ speeches translated. They talked about the same things that were discussed in every family where we managed to visit. We still do not understand — what is the leadership of the USSR thinking about? Indeed, in the entire civilized world, if disagreements arise in a family and one of its members is going to live separately, they do not put any obstacles on him, on the contrary, they give the due share of the jointly acquired property. In case of refusal, the court always takes the side of the outgoing one. Analogies suggest themselves — with the only difference that the Karabakh people did not acquire their property together with the Azerbaijanis, no, the Bolsheviks gave it to Azerbaijan. We made sure of this seeing in your family album photos of the fundamental house and summer cottage in Shushi, which belonged to your relatives on the maternal side. We were amazed that the photographs were taken a few months before the fire set in 1920 by the Caucasian Turks. You are still lucky. Others don’t even have photographs.

A few words about Moscow. After sun-drenched Yerevan, the capital of a great country greeted us with a cold autumn rain. Along with magnificent museums, the best ballet in the world and passengers reading in the metro, we saw long queues in shops (we saw them, alas, in Yerevan), drunken men lying in the doorways, begging homeless children. What struck us the most was that on the central streets we heard Armenian speech every now and then. We were told that during the day more than a thousand Armenians fly from Yerevan to Moscow (flights from Yerevan to Moscow are made hourly).