Nikol, I want your resignation,


Andrei Nikolayevich’s response, in particular, said that Vardan’s dissertation work attracted attention both by the content and the personality of the dissertation candidate, and he regarded it «as a serious legal work, many of whose provisions should form the basis of subsequent legal constructions.»

Omitting particulars, I will quote the final paragraphs of the review, which are very flattering for Vardan: “God sent me happiness to meet the author of the dissertation. Even more, I replaced him as a dragoman of the Russian embassy. It seems to me that talented people are attracted to diplomacy by the enormous creative potential of our work. Diplomacy is a multifunctional occupation, it reveals the most diverse, sometimes unexpected qualities of a person.

Getting acquainted with the master’s thesis, I note the high intellectual and cultural level of its author, his command of foreign languages, originality of thinking, ability to deeply comprehend and adequately assess the situation. The dissertation candidate appears before us as a strong, richly gifted personality. First of all, his remarkable mental strength is striking; in the most difficult and intricate questions he understands so confidently that this confidence is transmitted to others; the most complex legal puzzles, which are of crucial importance for the Armenian people, he clarified to himself to the end; even those who do not fully agree with his worldview and the conclusions to which he came, cannot fail to note their harmony and integrity.