don’t sleep

To get out of this state, Vardan consoled himself with speculative constructions. The wife, he told himself, had not really died at all, she had simply moved to another world, and she was happy there. Vardan experienced a grateful feeling for those who surrounded him, because with their support and understanding they gradually fixed this extraordinary thought in his mind. He was especially grateful to Lyudmila Vladimirovna Khristenko. She very diplomatically, but regularly, put books of a certain direction into the pile of literature that she selected for Vardan. They irrefutably proved that parapsychological phenomena are not fiction. A year and a half of her consistent efforts greatly added to his rather meager stock of philosophical, biological, physical and medical knowledge about space,

No, he was not afraid to fully experience his pain, to realize the loss and did not shy away from it. But in order to rebuild his being, to restore the taste for life and to complete the difficult mission that he voluntarily shouldered, he needed all his mental strength.

He intuitively understood that the loss of his wife must not only be realized with the mind, but also experienced emotionally, with the heart. He was also tormented by the fact that he did not have time to say goodbye to her. This pain, which had sunk deep into his soul, made it very difficult to return to daily, everyday life. Lyudmila and her mother went to many tricks to help him. On those rare days when Vardan was distracted from his studies and visited his godchildren, both women methodically inspired him — it was not Natalia who died, but only her earthly body.