Vardan, of course, did not have the corresponding experience, but he intuitively felt that love letters are associated with a certain risk. A person who reveals his true feelings is defenseless and vulnerable, especially if they are rejected. When they write to a loved one, they yearn to open their souls to them and feel their spiritual closeness more strongly. This is possible under an indispensable condition — the recipient is obliged to show sensitivity and tact. When reading the verses addressed to you, you must respect the feelings of the author. Unable to reciprocate — intelligibly explain what the matter is.

Tired of fruitless discussions, Vardan finally took up writing.

“I really appreciate your willingness to listen and support me,” he began. – I hope that your participation and understanding will allow me to free myself from the negative emotions that are currently overwhelming me. I also hope that this letter will help you to get to know my desires, needs, aspirations better. I would like to draw your attention to a number of circumstances hindering our rapprochement. First, this is my orphan childhood. I grew up without parental love, affection and warmth. That is why my children, who are also half-orphaned, should not suddenly feel that their father cares more about his own well-being than about them. And without that, while I was doing my dissertation, they were under the care of Bersabe Nikitichna and her sister for a year and a half.