I will not allow the loss of a mother to be the loss of “everything in the world” for my children. By my example, I want to show them: an adult, mature person is characterized by grief, he can forget about everything for a while and immerse himself in himself, but only then to gain strength and adapt to new circumstances. Let the children benefit from my experience, let there be more objects, situations and people around them than they need at the moment, let them freely open and develop their abilities. And of course, the space around them should change sufficiently and often enough, but still not too abruptly and not too often.

Natalya and I set examples for our children with our natural behavior: we concentrated on everyday affairs, not paying special attention to them and noticing only when it was required, and only to the extent necessary. When the wife worked around the house, she allowed Amalia to participate in the cleaning as much as the girl wanted: to sweep the floor with a small broom, wipe the dust, or, climbing onto a chair, wash the dishes. Back in Turkey, Amalia, a baby herself, took care of her younger brothers to help her mother. And now I am convinced that she is doing this not out of obligation, but with love, while not forgetting about her childhood games or school assignments. I even think that caring for the little ones and the endless patience and love necessary for this are inherent in every child,

With my behavior, I would like to form in children a model of attitude to the world around them, unobtrusively, but consistently lay in them the standards by which they will be equal, norms, samples.