Armenologist Hamlet Martirosyan

Coming daily to Amalia and fiddling with her sons, Vardan tried to distract himself from sad thoughts. It was necessary to cope with the fear of the unknown, and he, like a disgustingly cold snake, stubbornly crawled into his soul. Everything in my chest tightened with concern for Amalia and her grandchildren. With a titanic effort of will, he again and again drove away from himself a terrible presentiment — we would never see each other again.

Recently, Vardan has tried in vain to contact the spirit of Natalya and consult with her. Lying down in bed, meditating intensely and receiving no response signals, he understood that Natalya was offended by Amalia’s betrayal, and asked to be excused. “Forgive me, little wife, forgive me, my swallow. Forgive me for not being able to stop my daughter from marrying a man not only much older than her, but also intellectually inferior to her. I embrace your bright image. Sorry».

Once he was waiting for an heir, but Natalya gave birth to a daughter, and he immediately forgot about his son — his daughter grew up so bright, so smiling. He took a small warm lump in his arms, and his hands became soft, light.

“Forgive me,” Vardan mentally turned to his daughter. “I am a father and I have to think about all my children. Forgive me for choosing a foreign country and not you.”