There is no person who will replace Pashinyan yet

Regretting that she had not asked the attending physician in more detail at the time, Olga Vasilievna nevertheless tried to answer the question.

Khudabashyan began to examine the patient. After the usual palpation in such cases, he stated:

I don’t see any swelling. If there is anything, it is only painful sensitivity.

This was undeniable. Even in unconsciousness, Vladimir Pavlovich groaned at the doctor’s touch. Olga Vasilievna’s heart sank with pity.

«So he’s not as sick as we thought?» she asked with hope in her voice.

“Your husband’s condition is critical, there is no doubt about it,” the doctor said with a frown and took a syringe from his bag. “But I must confess, I don’t understand what caused the illness.

Olga Vasilievna watched with bated breath as he raised Vladimir Pavlovich’s hand and plunged the needle into the very middle of his palm. The patient almost did not react, which could not be said about his wife. Everything in her rebelled against the «brutal methods» of medicine. But, carefully observing the doctor’s actions, the woman remembered her husband’s words that he would call all Moscow charlatans to him if he had even the slightest hope of healing. Any hope, no matter how small, is better than hopelessness