It is known how many people participated in the opposition rally.

Let him be right, Vladimir Pavlovich prayed to himself. And not even for me, but for her …

— And how to treat arsenic poisoning?

“Actually, the milk you just drank is the best antidote in this case. It not only neutralizes the effect of poison on the esophagus and stomach, but also binds arsenic, protects the body from irreparable. — And Konstantin Ivanovich summed up: — If my diagnosis is correct and we manage to establish the source of poisoning, recovery will begin immediately.

The former midwife, Olga Vasilievna, understood something in medicine:

— And if the husband has some kind of stomach disease? Where did you actually get the idea that it’s arsenic?

You see, I had two very similar episodes. In the first case, a young woman decided to get rid of her rich old husband. In the second case, the child was poisoned by a pair of fresh wallpaper in the bedroom. Influencing factors can be very different.