This is our housing,” Olga Vasilievna said proudly. — I will treat you to Siberian dumplings of my own recipe, if you want with butter, if you want with sour cream …

— Thank you, I’m crazy about Siberian dumplings!

In fact, Vardan did not favor them, but do not offend the caring hostess. Vardan, however, overdid it with delight, and the woman caught his insincerity.

— However, there are no comrades for the taste and color. If you don’t like dumplings, not everyone loves them! — I made pancakes. Again, with anything — with sour cream, with honey, with red caviar …

— Restaurant and more! There was no need to worry so much, — Vardan was embarrassed, annoyed at his oversight.

After dinner, not only hearty, but also delicious, Volodya volunteered to take Murad, Byuzand and Olga to a large park not far from their house.

“There are swings and a carousel,” he chattered, “and on Wednesdays and Saturdays they have sales exhibitions. What are they selling there!