Opposition rally on France Square

Despite his youth, Dzhivelegov has already managed to get married. His chosen one was the daughter of the late Moscow professor Elena Nikolaevna Nersesova and the famous doctor Konstantin Ivanovich Khudabashyan. The latter had a private clinic in Moscow and was very popular among the Armenian intelligentsia. Dzhivelegov told Vardan that he was expecting an addition to the family in December.

“Expenses will increase, you need to earn money and feed your family,” he smiled frankly and disarmingly. — I am a writer and have already agreed on cooperation in Russkiye Vedomosti. No money, no choice.

Vardan remembered the eyes of a new acquaintance — lively, attentive and very inviting. This is probably why my hero agreed to meet with Alexei in a more relaxed atmosphere. They met, then again and imperceptibly became friends.

Introducing himself to the new head of the department, Petr Grigoryevich Vinogradov, Vardan explained that diplomatic work prevented him from completing his dissertation on time and that he was going to pass the master’s examinations necessary for this. The head of the department warned Vardan that a lot had changed over the years. Now master’s examinations are taken within four days, and on the first three — for each of the subjects provided for this category, on the fourth day a detailed essay is written on the topic proposed by the examination committee. To prepare for the exams, Vinogradov gave Vardan a list of necessary scientific literature and recommended that he use the funds of the Rumyantsev Library. Thanking the professor, Vardan warned