the agenda

Today we finally met, and those six hours we spent together were worth several years of my former life. We went to the spring — a great place to enjoy nature and the company of a loved one. I fed the pigeons, he watched me. It was nice to know that he was looking at me. Then a thunderstorm started and we ran away. It turned out that my Vardan loves rain and thunderstorms very much.

At home, all we did was look into each other’s eyes and hold hands. Vardan explained why he did not join me on the train. He always wanted to see my eyes, which he never ceases to admire. He says they are the same color as my mother and her sister, and this color is very accurately captured by Hovhannes Konstantinovich. It drives him crazy, this color, and Vardan is unable to guess what my look means. What does it mean besides love? His admiration confuses me. My appearance is the most ordinary, and I am very worried about whether he is sincere. Although … why should he dissemble?

How I didn’t want to let him go! How I waited for him to kiss me! But he seems to be afraid to touch me. Well, the anticipation makes it even more desirable.