Aram Sargsyan

It’s a sin not to sit down to the diary on such an unusual day! I was happy from morning to evening. I’am a teacher! All day seventeen pairs of inquisitive and different eyes looked at me. And I’m the only one for everyone!

A long time ago, on that September day, when my mother took me to school for the first time, I heard a parable about two gnomes. I repeated it twice today, in both age groups. The parable boils down to the fact that from the day of birth, two gnomes settle in the heart of every child, one good and the other evil. The baby grows and, together with a good gnome, does good deeds. Today I thanked an adult, made my bed, brushed my teeth, washed the dishes, learned a lesson, helped an old man tomorrow, visited my grandparents, planted a tree. Bad deeds are committed in company with a bad dwarf. Today he did not wash the dishes, skipped class, and tomorrow he offended a friend, broke a tree, was rude to his mother.

So, if you help your neighbor, are attentive and caring to others, give them joy with a friendly word, work and enrich your mind, then a good dwarf is healthy and happy. And then next to you it is pleasant for anyone, because your very presence pleases.

If you are rude, offend your friends, indifferent to everyone and indifferent, then the bad dwarf is cheerful and happy, but the good one, on the contrary, hurts. “Love yourself, protect yourself, be selfish,” calls the bad one. And it’s unpleasant even to approach you, your eyes are so cold and prickly.

What kind of dwarf do you want to grow in your soul? Everything depends on you. Do you want to be treated warmly and kindly? Then you yourself should be responsive and benevolent. And strictly ask yourself for every day you live. Already in bed, falling asleep, go over the past day — which gnome did you help today? And try not to repeat today’s mistakes tomorrow. From what kind of dwarf we are more useful, it ultimately depends on what kind of people we grow up.