Happy Birthday

Shortly after meeting on the train, Arkady confessed his love for her at first sight. Amalia waited all week with bated breath to meet him. She tried to visualize her first date, think of the words she would say, and imagine what he would say to her in return.

On the first Sunday after they met, they met at the entrance to the city park. Arkady immediately offered to go to the dance floor, on the stage of which the brass band of the city fire department played on Saturdays and Sundays. Even from a distance, they heard the enchanting melodies of Strauss waltzes and headed towards the direction from which the music was coming. Coming out along the path into the open space, they froze as if bewitched. Ignoring the onlookers crowded around the fence, the couples, intoxicated by marvelous music, beautifully circled the dance floor.

Amalia and Arkady could not take their eyes off this picture. She seemed breathtaking to them at that moment, and their hearts were beating wildly.

What an amazing couple! exclaimed Arkady.

— That girl with the high school student?

— Exactly! What long chiseled legs she has! What a wasp waist! And the chest?! And the hair! Mermaid, and more!