what will be done right now in the center

Arkady kissed the girl on the cheek and left. Perhaps that was the happiest day of his life. For the first time in two weeks, he slept soundly.

But Amalia couldn’t sleep. Two weeks of acquaintance with Arkady turned out to be the best in her life, she was inclined to call them divine. These walks in the park, these stories about ourselves to each other, these long send-offs to the house and parting! And finally, the first kiss!

The summer months, as always, flew by quickly. In September 1908, having received a payment for looking after the children of a sworn attorney, Amalia suggested that the groom go to Feodosia — to visit the grave of his mother and grandmother. Vardan, resigned to the inevitable wedding, did not mind.

From Kerch to Feodosia, the young traveled on horses harnessed to a wagon with an awning. Along the way, Amalia told about a dream in which her mother appeared to her with the words: “Love will come when you passionately want it… And then life will be illuminated by a magical light… And you will seem to spin in a whirlpool… And you will find long-awaited happiness. .. Love is pure and sensual, tender and fiery… Love is so expected and so unexpected… Love for all time!»

— I answered my mother that I fell in love with a person whom I was ready to trust completely. I love you very much, Arkady! May God never part with us.