Amalia smiled. He had never seen a sweeter and more charming smile on her face.

— What are you talking about! Let’s go to the living room, I’ll introduce you to dad.

Having introduced Arkady to her father, she left them alone. With a modest, even squat height, Vardan noticed, Arkady had a strong strong-willed face, in general he gave the impression of a handsome strong man. According to Amalia, who told her father everything that Arkady told her, having moved from Tiflis to Armavir and taking up a position, he immediately advanced here among the enviable Armenian suitors. Handsome, with cheerful eyes as deep as the sea, he quickly became everyone’s favorite. In a conversation with Vardan, Arkady behaved respectfully and (“I must give credit,” thought Vardan) was very endearing. He achieved everything himself. He did not hide from the future father-in-law and the fact that he dragged after women, but he never loved the one and only. Having met Amalia, he immediately put an end to this.

The room gradually filled with guests. Having introduced Arkady to them, Amalia immediately took him to her place. What happened in the living room after they left is described in the previous chapter.