Lao will wake up

— Amalia …. Forgive me for Vladikavkaz …. For that acquaintance … On the platform …

His voice trembled.

What are you asking for forgiveness for? she asked with cheerful bewilderment and a sweet smile. “Then I thought I had met you before.

Holding hands and not noticing the time, they wandered around the park…

At four in the morning, Amalia tiptoed into the house. I didn’t want to sleep, I rather wanted to sing and fly. The images of the previous night swirled in my head. I longed to see Arkady again. But suddenly her father knocked on the door of her room. He hasn’t gone to bed yet. Asking permission to enter, Vardan sat down on the edge of the bed. It was felt that his daughter was late, he was very alarmed. In an effort to calm him down as soon as possible, Amalia told about her first meeting with Arkady, about his love at first sight and about her reciprocal feeling. The main thing for her was that Arkady was sincerely in love with her.

Vardan listened to his daughter attentively, without interrupting. When the daughter was silent, he thought, and then quietly and evenly warned that about an hour ago he had communicated with the spirit of her mother, and e