Sometimes, someone acts so confidently that you believe they can do anything. That’s how I feel about this very large dog who climbed into the driver’s seat of an Amazon delivery van.

Amber, an Amazon delivery driver on TikTok, posted a video of the friendly intruder on Jan. 28. She gets right into it.

«Please explain to me what I’m supposed to do in this situation,» she says to the camera before panning to the brown-and-white dog in the front seat of her vehicle.

The large pup, who looks like a Saint Bernard, climbed into the car when Amber had opened the rear door, she explains. That’s when the dog climbs into the driver’s seat and sits down, looking very much like he’s readying to drive it like he stole it.

«You’re very pretty, but I need you to get out of my front seat,» Amber tells him, almost laughing.

@ambergirts i wanted to take him home but his owner came and got him out lol #fyp #trending #amazon #amazondelivery #amazondeliverydriver ♬ original sound — ambergirts