A dog is making the internet bounce with joy and virality, in part because she’s extremely cute, and in part because she has a peculiar shape.

Mohu is a spherical Toy Poodle and his nearly 100,000 follows on Intsagram all of whom obsessed with her unexplainably round shape.

“Her personality is mature and slow paced,” said Mohu’s owner, Nanae. ”I don’t know why she’s so popular, she always gets looked at on the street and I get asked all the time what breed she is.”

Mohu’s most popular post has almost 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising the unique look.

Many comments ask about the origin if the strange spherical dog. Nanae posted an artificial image of Mohu next to mohu as a puppy, and it’s obvious that she wasn’t born that way.

Recently the posts featured Mohu cheering on the Japanese soccer team as they made it into the knockout rounds of the World Cup.

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