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It is reprehensible occurence, when some people, whatever intentions they have, wish and attempt to soak up the history of the others, using as a pretext contemporary borderlines of the present day administrative—political maps. The history of Siunik represents one of the brightest pages of the all—Armenian history, and nobody has any right to falsify it’s glorious, merited past by the anty-scholar, unfounded ,,theories».

On the pages of this book we have analyzed historical problems of the feudal houses of Siunik, political events during the period of it’s kingdom; mutual struggle of the Armenian and Georgian peoples, and also creation and destruction of the Orbelian principality. The political fall ot Siunik had taken place for the reason of Seljuk Turks’, Tatar-Mongols’ and Eastern warlike tribes’ invasions.

Manuscript sources and particularly lapidary inscriptions testify that in the 12—13-th centuries feudal relations were most developed precisely in Siunik, where due to the political circumstances